What type of home window tint is best? How long does window tint last on a house? Can tinting be removed from house windows?

What type of home window tint is best

Getting the right kind of tinting on your windows can be hugely beneficial in so many ways. You can reduce the impact of the sun’s harmful rays on you, your possessions and furnishings, keep the glare out of your eyes and increase your privacy all at the same time.

The right kind of tint will depend on the end result you wish to achieve and the kind of opaqueness you are looking for – among other criteria, and it can be tricky to decide which the best one for you is. Here we will look at some of the top window tints to help get you started.

What type of home window tint is best?

What type of home window tint is best

There are many types of window tint available on the market varying from the cheapest and least effective, to thicker, multi-layered and more expensive options. Between these, there are also different types of tint, though some films may include more than one of these options, so you should always read the full descriptions of your tint before you buy.

The common kinds are:

  •  Decorative tint – often frosted or otherwise decorative, this is used predominately in bathrooms and places that require privacy. 
  • Safety and Security tint – this kind of tint not only keeps out prying eyes and lets you keep the curtains open year-round, it also strengthens the glass to reduce damage.
  • Glare control – much like it sounds, this helps keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Solar window tint – this protects against UV rays and keeps the heat out as well as the damaging rays.

Solar window tint is the best choice for most homes, offering protection from 99% of the sun’s harmful rays and still allowing the required light you wish to pass through. They are hugely effective at reducing energy bills by keeping your home cool in the hot months and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for this and so many other reasons.

How long does window tint last on a house

The length of time your window tint will last will vary depending on the kind of tint and the quality that you go for, and how long you want it to last among other factors. In general, a cheaper tint that you apply yourself will last less time than a professionally installed high-quality tint.

If you get your window tint installed by an experienced company like SolarGraph Window Tinting in Sydney, you could see it lasting upwards of 20 years. On the other hand, window tint you install yourself can last as little as 1-10 years again depending on the kind of tint and how good a job you do.

Another key factor that impacts the longevity of your tint is where you live and the kind of conditions that your window faces. Those with more exposure and stronger sun and temperatures will tend to wear and fade more than those that see less of both.

If you are not sure whether your window tint needs replacing there are a number of signs you can look out for. The different factors mean there is no hard and fast rule about how long it will last, so keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Cracking – usually from too much sun which can make it go dry and brittle.
  • Bubbling – this can be a sign that your tint was poorly installed in the first place but can also form with an abundance of heat.
  • Peeling – over time you may see that your window film starts to peel away at the corners, a sure sign that it is time to replace it.
  • Fading – this may be a little less obvious, but over time the sun can start to impact the effectiveness of your tint. It may lighten in colour and allow more UV rays to penetrate and lessen the benefits of having tinted windows.

If you wish your window tint to last as long as possible, it is always worth getting it professionally installed to prevent bubbling and ensure the highest levels of quality. Though it may be cheaper in the short term to try and do it yourself, you will save money in the long run with the best kind of product and how long it will last.

Can tinting be removed from house windows?

Can tinting be removed from house windows

When your window tint starts to show signs of wear and loses its value, you absolutely can remove it from your house. There are a number of strategies that you can employ to try and get rid of your tint, or you can also have it removed by professionals if you prefer. Here are some of the top methods for removing window tint:

  • Use a hairdryer – yes, it’s something that most of us have in our homes and it really does work. The application of heat causes the tint to peel away from the window, just go carefully and don’t go in too hot too fast.
  • Use a steamer – again you can apply heat to remove your tint, though this can be safer as it spreads the heat more evenly and lessens the chance of burning the tint.
  • Use chemicals – ensure that the remover you are using is suitable and safe for this job. Ammonia works well, just make sure you wear a mask and ventilate the area as you go.
  • Soap and scrape it – a classic method, though less effective and more time-consuming than some of the others, this way speaks for itself. 

One of the joys of window tint is that you can always remove it at a later date, and replace it if you wish, with relative ease. Call a professional to take care of it for you, or get out the hairdryer and sort it out yourself, it’s up to you!

Final thoughts

The best kind of window tint is one that ticks all of the boxes for you, keeping out the harmful rays of the sun, keeping down your energy bills, and looking good at the same time. It is relatively simple to remove your window tint if you change your mind or it needs replacing, and if you get it done right the first time, that could only be roughly every 20 years.

Window tint is becoming increasingly popular for so many reasons, so have a look at the different types and ease of installation today.