Benefits of using a Buying Agent


Buying a home in Brisbane or the Queensland region can be quite a daunting prospect for those unfamiliar with the laws and procedures involved. Using an experienced real estate buyer’s agent and advocate service can take the strain out of this procedure. There are many companies which offer to assist buyers with a purchase but consumers should be wary of businesses that do not have the relevant expertise or accreditation to perform the task at hand.

As buying agents these companies are employed to act on behalf of the purchaser to source potentials homes and negotiate a suitable price. They can also provide evaluations and other various repots which can determine whether a property has the necessary documentation for a lawful sale.  It can be a difficult task for a buyer who is not familiar with the legal requirements involved in house sales to navigate the complexities of a purchase. Companies can offer a comprehensive service to help buyers make better informed choices. The benefits of using a company which researches all the potential pitfalls involved in a transaction are of great value to anyone considering purchasing a new home.

Below are just a few things to look out for when considering employing an estate agent:


  • Is the buyer licenced? An obvious question to ask, but one that sometimes gets taken for granted. Is the buyer registered in the region? If not he will be in breach of contract and could incur fine and punishment. The law is certainly on the side of the customer regarding this issue, but to discover half way through a transaction that your agent is not licenced could cause a whole host of problems and probably jeopardize the sale.
  • Does the agent have local knowledge? An agent can have all the expertise in the world but if he doesn’t have a grasp of the local market he’s likely to be less useful than someone who’s spent time in the area. It’s all very good researching the pros and cons of a street or district, but insider information is always priceless. Traffic bottlenecks, noise pollution, access issues, there are always unseen drawbacks that an eagle-eyed local agent can pick up on.
  • Negotiation Skills – Some people have it some do not. If you get a skilled sales professional on your team then chances are you’ll get a better deal. Agents can be great at their job in the back room but awful when it comes to face-to-face encounters. The best thing to do is meet your prospective agent in person. Ask yourself – would I buy a house from this guy?  If the answer is yes, he’ll probably get you a good deal.  If the answer in no, maybe you should shop around until you find one with a bit of spark.  The real estate industry relies on a strange mixture of paralegal and salesman.  Often it’s a difficult combination to find.  However, the best agents will obviously stand out when you meet them.