How to Impress a Girl


You must have found a girl that you like and are finding ways to impress her. Although you can’t really control her feelings and make her fall in love with you straight away you can possibly put yourself in a better position and attract her attention.

Here I have listed some ways to impress and attract that girl you are fond of.

Dress to Impress

Dressing to impress is like the oldest rule in the book. Make yourself look clean, neat and attractive to build on some good impression on her. It is also important to dress appropriately. Do not wear a suit when you know that you will be going to the beach with her. Most likely she will think that you’re weird.

Shower before the date, brush your teeth, manage your facial hair and wear clean clothes. Also pay attention to her style of clothes and try to match it, it will help in making yourself look more attractive to her.

Be Polite and a Gentleman

Do not mix up being polite and to being boring. Most girls find that polite guys are actually more attractive than ill-mannered, bad boys. One of the quality that most girl look for in their boyfriends is to be considerate and polite. Helping her with the door and pulling out the seat for her may be small gestures but it will definitely build good impressions of you, she will probably notice all these small gestures that you are doing for her as well.

Make Her Feel that She is the Only Girl in the World

Don’t be a mysterious man, don’t play hard to get and DON’T ignore her. It will probably send the wrong message to her, making her misunderstand that you’re not being serious at all. Be initiative and text her first. Reply to her text and make time to call her if she wants to talk.

Listen to her. Don’t always talk about yourself. Yes, you may be trying to impress her by telling her all about your achievements in life but a girl will appreciate if you let her talk and listen to her. Try and engage her in a two-way conversation. If she asks you a question, answer her and redirect it back to her.

Compliment Her

By complimenting her, I mean giving her an honest compliment. Don’t compliment her hair when it is obvious that she is having a bad hair day. Give her an honest compliment and she will appreciate it. Every girl loves to receive compliments about themselves.

Impress Her with Your Dance Moves

In many instances, a guy with cool dance moves will be able to impress the girl they like. Take up some hip hop classes, show her the moves that you have perfected and she will be taken aback at how well you’re dancing.

A last tip to you is that you must be sincere in trying to impress that girl you’re fond of. Don’t treat her like an object or are just trying to impress her for some superficial reasons. If you’re sincere, most likely you’ll be able to impress her with your actions, no matter what.