Do I qualify for skilled migration to Australia? Which skills are in demand? How can a skilled worker immigrate to Australia?


Australia is one of the best countries in the world to migrate to, offering a fantastic climate, great healthcare and education, and a better life for the thousands of people who move there each year. Out of the many different visas available to choose from, a skilled migrant visa is the most popular and most likely way for the average person to be able to take this leap but it can be tricky to know if it is the right route for you. Here we will have a look at some of the skills most in-demand and see if and how you might qualify for skilled migration and begin applying today.

Do I qualify for skilled migration to Australia?

The definition of a skilled worker is actually pretty simple. You have to have training or special knowledge of a particular field or job. This can come through education, study, or experience and so however you gained your expertise and skill you are eligible. After that, if you have the desire to relocate and reap the benefits of a new life in Australia there are a few more boxes you have to check.

  • Age – While there are some routes available for people of a certain age, skilled migration is not one of them. You must be under the age of 45 to qualify so if you are approaching that either make the decision to go now or have a look at your other options.
  • English-speaking – You don’t have to have a degree in it or anything, but a basic level of English proficiency is necessary if you want this visa and you do have to prove it. 
  • Good character – To enter Australia you need to prove that you are a person of good character, cleared by the police with a certificate (PCC) to prove this as well. 
  • Good health – Again you need to show evidence with a medical certificate. This is not to say if you are not 100% fit that you won’t qualify, but you do need a certificate to get the visa.
  • Nomination from an employer – We will go into more detail below, but you need to be nominated and sponsored to gain entry as a skilled migrant and there are steps you must take to do this.

If you think you can manage all of these then you are well on your way, and if you need help you can always get Australian skilled migration visa support from a trustworthy source to get you started and make the process go smoothly.

Which skills are in demand in Australia?

One essential factor to consider is of course whether or not your particular skills are in demand. For most of you, this shouldn’t pose a problem. Australia allows skilled migrants entry based on a workforce shortage in hundreds of jobs both regionally and across the whole country so you should be able to find something that suits you, but you still have to check out what is on the list. The Australian Skilled Occupation List, or SOL, shows all the professions currently in demand both regionally and nationally. Some of these are long-term and others short so it is also important to see which is which, though short-term jobs can be renewed and extended on a case by case basis. Here are some of the areas and skills that are in demand, though you should check the full list for all of the options.

  • Agriculture – This is a huge category with all sorts of jobs falling under it, from pickers to farmers and scientists, with plenty of work regionally and across the country and both short and long term.
  • Education – Again there is everything from heading a school to advisor, teaching grades to tutoring, and teaching English as a foreign language. There are options to suit all types of experience and expertise.
  • Sports – Teaching or playing, with again a large array of choices, you could join a team, coach, or instruct and do what you love in an exciting new setting.
  • Transport – including pilots, engineers, and more.
  • Health – from research to consultancy and hands-on jobs.
  • ICT – all-important in so many fields, this is one area that is always in demand.
  • Finance – again with many different jobs available if you are suitably skilled and experienced.
  • Hospitality – particularly in management but of hotels, restaurants, cafes and lots of other areas there is a need that you can fill.

There really are so many that could be mentioned from winemaker to jockey to ship’s captain, so whatever your skill you will find something to fit it in Australia.

How can a skilled worker immigrate to Australia?

We have looked at some of the criteria to qualify for a skilled worker visa most of which are things you are or have like your age and English ability. The slightly trickier one that is all-important is getting nominated by an Australian company to get your visa. There are a few things to research and make sure of before you start applying, and then you can take your next steps.

To nominate you this company must be lawful, Australian, and be willing and able to sponsor you. It must therefore be registered or have an agreement with the Australian government and have jobs in high demand without the required workforce to fill that need and actually want to hire people from other countries, so make sure your company ticks these boxes before you apply.

You then need to make sure you have an appealing CV, are available for interviews and do whatever it takes to get this nomination. You also need to ensure that you fit the other criteria above and have the proof you need to finish your application. Remember it is important that you keep looking at the up-to-date requirements and places like the Migration Centre of Australia to see what you need to do.


It can seem like a mammoth undertaking to apply for skilled migration, but if you qualify, have an in-demand skill, and are ready to make the move and start a new adventure then take it step by step and get started today.