It Might Have Been & Gone but It’s Never Too Late for a Spring Clean


Something that we all neglect to do as often as we should is have a big clear-out in our homes. Most of us are terrible for hoarding rubbish that we don’t need and often our homes can become impossible to keep tidy due to the mount of junk that we have lying around.

One of the most invigorating and symbolic acts of renewal, is having a big spring clean. Sure, spring has been and gone now that September is underway, but it’s never too late! And perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, like a massive heap of dishes that you’ve allowed to pile up, but you don’t have to go it alone.

In fact, if you start by clearing out as much rubbish as you can, you will invariably begin to make a mess, there’s no denying that. But you can hire a company to clean your home, while you take care of disposing of your trash and waste junk. All hands-on deck, so to speak.

In addition to that, when was the last time you changed the mattresses in your home? Can you remember how long you’ve been sleeping on the same old one? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. That being said; don’t throw yours out and take it to the tip, as there are greener ways of disposing of it. Recycling your mattress is a new and effective way of getting rid of them. You’d be shocked to learn how much room mattresses take up in our landfills, when their materials can actually be recycled and used for a wide variety of different functions.

For example:

  • Foams and plastics can be used for carpet padding
  • Cotton flock and wool can be used for recycling textiles and yarn
  • Wood can be burned as fuel or chipped for mulch
  • Metals can be melted down and used for a wide variety of different things
  • Lower grade fabrics can be used for matting and interiors

In fact, the same applies for many of the junk items in your home. If you’re going to commit to a big spring clean, perhaps take this opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and sell or donate any unused items that are simply taking up space in your home. It’s always tempting to just grab everything and throw it away, though when so much of it could find a home elsewhere, it’s important that you dedicate a little time to disposing of everything properly.

Again, with the support of a cleaning company, you’ll be able to clear out your home and have everything looking absolutely pristine in no time. Following that, your home will be significantly easier to clean, and you may even wish you invest in a regular house-clean to save yourself the trouble.

With less clutter your life will instantly become simpler. Your mind will become clear and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your own home. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to clean up your life!