Australian Featured Surveyors: How Can They Benefit You?


When it comes to featured surveyors, Australia is certainly home to a number of reputable firms. But before you can start worrying about which company will be best to assist you with your project; first you must identify and appreciate the benefits of working with one.

When you’re looking at purchasing properties or developing a plot, it’s vital that you know the lay of the land. This is where a residential land surveyor can come in extremely handy. Not only will they be able to give you an accurate depiction of the plot in question but provide detailed technical insight which will be extremely helpful when deciding to move forward.

In this post we’re going to explore the 5 ways in which featured surveyors in Australia can benefit you greatly. Let’s have a look!

1 – Assistance with preparation for construction

If you’re looking at developing a property on a plot of land, a residential land surveyor will be instrumental in best-optimising construction placement. It’s no different than the way in which an architect might advise structural engineers when it comes to a building’s design. Simply put, a residential land surveyor can work closely with you in order to achieve the best possible results when it comes to the finished product.

2 – Guaranteed accurate boundary placement

One of the main functions of a featured land surveyor is being able to accurately identify the boundaries of a given plot of land. This will come in very handy when it comes to developing your property, the way in which the construction team operates and ultimately ensuring that you don’t build over your designated plot. (Which alleviates any future potential for conflict with neighbouring properties or projects)

3 – Respecting and understanding the topography of a given plot

Topography: the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area.

Before you go ahead and purchase a plot of land in Australia, you should enlist qualified featured surveyors to thoroughly inspect its topography first. The engineers conducting the survey will be able to identify any potential risks before proceeding with construction.

Let’s say for example, a particular plot is prone to flooding due to its proximity to a local marsh. With this information, you will be able to factor in any potential issues which could be disastrous during and after the construction process. You must prepare for every eventuality and have the infrastructure in place to overcome it.

4 – Determine the true value and potential of your plot

It’s not uncommon for real estate companies to under or over-estimate a plot of land’s value. By hiring a featured surveyor in Australia, you will be able to accurately determine a plot of lands true potential. This can either help you dodge the proverbial bullet, or strike gold with a magnificent deal.

5 – Appropriately dividing properties

With larger plot of lands, you may wish to divide it into sections, – parcelling plots for both commercial and residential purposes. A featured surveyor will be able to accurately split your plot of land into sections, ensuring that each sub-section is valued accordingly. This makes life far easier if you wish to hand over a section of your plot to a prospective commercial developer, for example.


In a nutshell, working with a featured surveyor can save you a great deal of stress, time and money. Too often do people rush in to construction projects on a plot of land, only to face significant and costly issues down the road. Again, plan for every eventuality and thoroughly understand the gravity of a project before throwing yourself into it.