What qualifications do you need to become a cleaner? How much money can you make per hour? What are other names for a professional cleaner?


With so many different professions out there it can be tough to decide which to go for and whether it is the right job for you. You have to take into account your likely wages, work hours, and if you have the qualifications necessary to fill the role. If you are thinking to become one, here are a few things you need to know.


What qualifications do you need to become a cleaner?

The simple answer to what qualifications you need is none. For entry-level jobs, you can often get on-the-job training, and learn as you go. Many companies will insist on you passing year 10 in school, though this may vary. If you are looking to get a higher-paid job or come further up the ladder then there are a number of qualifications you can get.

While some cleaners do have degrees, it isn’t really necessary. If you are thinking of opening a business then a degree would indeed be useful. But there are many other qualifications you can take relating more specifically to cleaning.

There are various levels of hygiene; safety, proper use of equipment and chemicals, and teamwork, which will serve you well in this industry. Getting your basic level one may be something that happens after you join a company in a junior role, and you will likely continue to go up the ladder and gain more training and qualifications if you are in that kind of job.

If you are a professional cleaner in an office or home environment, and doing jobs like regularly keeping on top of the cleaning, or doing the occasional spring clean, then you may not need or gain any proper qualifications. If, on the other hand, you are a professional cleaner in an environment like a hospital, factory, or anywhere that requires high levels of hygiene, health and safety, further qualifications may be necessary.

Like most jobs, the more experience, the more likely a better role you will get. This may come with more responsibilities, higher pay, and place you in a leadership role. However, you can certainly become a cleaner without all of these and still get a good job, where training and qualifications will come with time.


How much money does a professional cleaner make per hour?

The exact amount of money a professional cleaner can make per hour will again depend on some of the criteria mentioned above. The company you work for or whether you are self-employed, your skills, experience, training, and your qualifications are just some of the factors that could affect your wages.

In general professional cleaners will earn up to $20 an hour, though again this can be more or much less. A professional cleaner doing a professional job is worth every penny. A clean office or building is essential for health and safety reasons. It’s also essential to the happiness and mental well-being of the staff and to building the trust of any customers.

If you use a company like Enjoy Life Office Cleaning Service in Sydney, you know you are getting more than just a clean building. You are getting the peace of mind that comes with a job well done, and the knowledge that your space is spotless without having to do it yourself.

The average wage for a cleaner in Australia is AUD 13 an hour, with those earning more tending to have more than two years of experience or higher levels of qualifications and expertise. Once you have been in the job for ten years, your salary should roughly double. There are optional ways to get better pay like working for the best companies and gaining more skills and knowledge.

There are other benefits to being a professional cleaner outside of the wages you can earn. A lot of cleaners enjoy flexible working hours, working either part or full time. Also being able to work at night or early in the morning is another benefit. Which can be perfect if you are also managing a family, education, or anything else that you wish to do during the day. 

If you don’t have any qualifications or experience you can still get a decent wage as a professional cleaner. In case you are looking to earn more, think about getting some more experience and qualifications. Importantly, make sure you are applying for the right companies. 


What are other names for a professional cleaner?

Historically what is now a professional cleaner had some far less correct and flattering names. A professional cleaner takes care of your property and everyone who lives or works inside. They are ensuring that there aren’t any germs or bacteria that might harm you. Moreover, cleaning up spills and messes that prevent pest infestation, which again could cause health problems.

Today depending on the type of cleaner you are. You could be a custodian or janitor, a housekeeper or domestic worker, a groundskeeper or maintenance person, etc. Some cleaners are called caretakers while others are more odd job people. But in any case, where a professional standard of cleaning is done, respect should always be given and professional cleaners are the right job title. 



If you are looking to become a professional cleaner you don’t need much in the way of qualifications. Though it can help you to get a higher paying salary. If, on the other hand, you are looking to save yourself time and effort, give a professional cleaner a try. Then, you’ll see how superior job they are keeping your building clean, safe, and hygienic.